Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd. is a stock company after reformation(restructuring). It was called as Jianhua Motor Factory then, which was founded in 1946. After the foundation of PRC, they established state-owned Changsha Motor Factory in 1956.During the Second Five-Year Plan period In 1958, the factory extended and moved to Yuhua District and it expanded gradually through technological transformation and became a large-sized backbone enterprise of three phase induction motor and the State-Level II Enterprise which has an import and export right. In September 1993, Changsha Motor Factory became one of the 500 largest machinery and equipment enterprises and Changli Brand is assessed as brand-name product of Hunan Province in 2006.Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd. is in advanced level at home in developing large and medium-sized AC motors, synchronous motors, explosion-proof motor, frequency conversion variable speed motors, wound rotor motors and submersible motors, electric pumps. Frequency conversion variable speed motor and submersible pump were awarded the title of Hunan high-tech products in August 2007 and the company was awarded “high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province”. The company’s quality system has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification. It has fixed assets of 520 million RMB and 1,400 staff, including nearly 50 employees with senior professional titles, more than 100 employees with intermediate professional titles and engineering and technical staff account for 18 percent of the total number of employees. 

 The new factory is located in Hunan Tianxin Environmental Protection Industrial Park with an investment of 548 million RMB and an area of 2,075,330,000 square meters and plant area of 62,000 square meters. The factory is spacious and environment is good.
In 2004, Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd. established after restructuring and developed into one of the key enterprises in Changsha. 
Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd. is in strict accordance with the requirements of "Company Law" and stick with legal management and standardized operation. It widely takes in international and domestic advanced technology and management experience and innovate continuously in order to repay society and customers by quality products and excellent service. 

As a large backbone company of China's electrical industry, Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd.. has long focused on technology innovation and committed itself to national development tasks of many key new products. For example, the successful development of variable frequency and regulating speed motor fills the gap in our country. The corporation has developed from a single motor plant to a complete set of mechanical and electrical integration of production enterprise of motors, pumps, electrical materials and other high technology. The productions of the six main product categories are included in the national key support industry which acts as “Equipment Department" in the national economy.

With 60 years of manufacturing experience, the company formed a production capacity of 500 million kilowatts of AC motors after expansion. The products absorbed the advanced technology of contemporary developed countries and they are widely used inpower industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, coal industry, building material industry, etc. through introduction of the advanced technology of Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the United States and Siemens Corporation in Germany, large and medium sized box-type motor and compact motor are successfully trial-produced. In order to make product coverage wider, the company extended the products. At present, we are able to produce Y80 series small motor, a new energy efficient series motor Y3 and Y1250 series large motor.